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Welcome to the official website of the Moorestown Republican Party!

Moorestown Republican Municipal Committee

The Moorestown Republicans have two primary vehicles through which we promote Republican messages and values: the Moorestown Republican Municipal Committee (MRMC) and the Moorestown Republican Club. The MRMC is the “official” part of the GOP in Moorestown, comprised of 40 members directly elected by the people of Moorestown in each voting district. The Club, founded in 1936, has been the social and activist portion of the party, translated into activities, fundraising, and functions within the local community. We encourage you to join us, to get active in local political activities, and to “like” us on social media to keep yourself apprised of events. Visits to this site will ensure that you learn more about Republican points of view, particularly at the local level and that you get first-hand information about local decisions that may affect the quality of your life in Moorestown.

The Club welcomes all registered Republicans as well as those who have not yet decided on their party affiliation. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!


Jamie Boren
President, Moorestown Republican Club

Doug Maute
Chairman, Moorestown Republican Municipal Committee